Tips on How to Get Close Shave with an Electric Razor

One of the reasons why electric razors get much attention before men (and even the wet shaving purist) is its efficiency when it comes to close shave. Well, there is no denying that manual razors are capable of giving you with a clean-cut shave. However, you will experience several uncomfortable shaving feelings and that includes skin irritation. Electric razors, on the other hand, will give you best shaving experience including closeness to shave.

To get the complete and comfortable shaving experience with electric razors, below are some simple tips on how to get a close shave:

  • Make sure that your shave is clean prior to shaving

To achieve a better shaving experience, always make sure that your shaver is free from any whisker dust. To clean off your electric razor from any small particles, always take the manufacturer’s instruction into consideration.

  • Pre-shave is always important

Although most modern electric shavers can be used without too much pre-shave routine; still, it is without a doubt that pre-shave routine is important as the actual shaving time. This simple process will make it easier to shear off stubborn facial hairs in an instant. So, never skip this part when shaving.

For the much greater result, you can wash your face with facial soap and warm water to soften the hair strands; also, this method allows you to trim off the facial hairs that are close to the skin.

  • Prepare your best electric shaver for this mission

While there are several companies claiming that their shavers perform best, there are a few models of electric razors that do excellent work when it comes to closer skin shaving. For instance, electric razors from  will give you that excellent shaving experience.

  • Follow your hair grain when shaving

One of the most important processes in shaving is “shaving with the grain”. Why? To get the best result on closer shave, you must consider the direction of the growing hair. How to determine the grain? Simple, just rub the fingers across the face and determine where your hair grows. If you notice your hair feels smooth then you are on the right grain. However, if it feels rough when rubbed, it goes against the grain.

To shave, you need to put your one hand on the area and gently pull your skin tight. By doing this procedure it will be easier for you to have a closer shave.

  • Never forget the aftershave routine

Similar to pre-shave routine, your skin would feel cool and comfortable if you apply the after shave products to re-moisten and re-hydrate the facial skin. Also, never use alcohol-based products during aftershave; it will cause you so much irritation no matter what method you used.

  • Lastly, clean off the whiskers dust using running water or according to manufacturer’s instruction.

With the above tips, closer shaving is much easier than it sounds. So, if you want to experience a complete and clean-cut shaving, use electric shaving device and never be fooled with other devices for shaving facial hair.