How To Get Maximum Followers On Instagram

Instagram is a social platform that offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to grow their brand. The social media platform has over 700 million registered users and is the best place particularly for businesses to promote its products, recruit more personnel, enchant its clients and humanize its brand.

If one is not a celebrity then being able to attract a large following on Instagram is not as easy as it may sound. Nevertheless, there are several ways that average persons and businesses can employ to know how to get followers on instagram.

Using right hashtags

Use of appropriate hashtags on Instagram is vital if one wants to increase their photos exposure to a larger audience. This is because Instagram organizes its images according to the hashtags, which means some are popular than others. Additionally, the platform offers room for at least 30 hashtags in each post. Some of the commonly used hashtags to increase the number of followers include #follow4follow, #like4like, #follow and tags4likes among many others.

Filters Usage

Among the features that accelerated the popularity of Instagram after its founding is Filters. As such, the filters are just not there to be used for fun; however, are supposed to enhance every image so that it becomes more personalized, breath taking, inspirational, and memorable. For this reason, the incorporation of the right filters helps to increase views and engagement. A study conducted by George Tech and Yahoo broadcasted that photos with filters were 21% likely to be seen and 45% likely to be commented on as compared to unfiltered ones.

Post Timings

Another important way to increase your following on Instagram is to post at an appropriate time when many users are online. For instance, when you post at 2 am, it is implausible that there will be users who will view your photo as most people are asleep at that time. In many instances, users will view their Instagram at two crucial times which include in the morning and the evening when heading home from work. For this reason, if you want maximum engagement results post at these times.

Cross-promoting on other platforms

Instagram allows its users to connect to other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler. Therefore, an individual or business can embed their Instagram page to those platforms and increase their exposure to followers on the other end, which ultimately will assist in gaining more following.

Follow and Like photos from other users

On Instagram engagement is vital; therefore, you will need to follow others as well as like their posts to increase the number of your followers on a daily basis. In some instances, you will find a person following someone else just because they liked or commented on their photo. Being active on Instagram will increase your exposure and eventually grow your audience.

Create Contest Posts

The other way to get a maximum number of followers is to conduct a competition in your posts while asking other users to follow the account, like or comment on the image to be eligible to win. Additionally, you can incorporate a UGC (User Generated Content) where users can make their posts and use particular hashtags alongside following your account to win. Most of the giant companies like Starbucks are using the UGC competitions to increase their exposure and gain more followers.