The Best Portable DVD Player In The Market

At this time and age, smartphones and tablets have become products that everybody talks about, and of course something that everybody wants. They have taken the place of DVDs because they are convenient. However, what happens when you don’t have access to your favorite smartphone? That’s when you realize how important a portable DVD player is to you. Portable DVD players provide the needed entertainment your children deserve during a vacation or while riding in the car, at home, as well as when traveling on an airplane. There are some sites which tell you the best portable DVD players like myportabledvd.comPortable DVD players are not meant for children alone, as adults may have the same urge of watching a movie during a business trip or when out for a vacation or other family events. There are many portable DVD players out in the market today, but we provide you with the top four that you should consider buying.

1. Pyle PDH14

At the top of our list is an amazing portable entertainment system that everybody talks about. Pyle PDH14 can play CDs, DVD-R, DVDs, and DVD-RW. It features SD cards, USB, and VGA ports, and interestingly, it’s compatible with JPEG, MP3, MP4, VCD, and AVI formats. Even though it lacks HDMI input, Pyle PDH14 provides you with an opportunity to connect your game console or computer using the VGA, or even plug your tablet, iPod, or phone into the 3.5mil Aux in jack. It comes with a good resolution convenient for you or your kids to view your favorite contents. A full battery charge can give you services of up to two hours and has a wireless remote control which makes it the best.

2. Audiovox DS2058

Second on our list is Audiovox DS2058 that you can hardly ignore. If you have any plans of taking your kids out on long car trips, Audiovox DS2058 is what you need. It is light and portable DVD player with simple but amazing features such as 270-degree swivel screen, and a screen of up to 7 inches with an aspect of 16.9 that provides you with full-screen viewing. The Li-polymer battery is rechargeable and gives you services of up to two hours, and amazingly, it can be recharged using the cigarette lighter of your car. It’s package comes with full headphones and a bracket that helps you to attach to the headrest of the car that relaxes you as you seat in the back seat during long trips.

3. Ematic EPD105

Third on our list is Ematic EPD105 that fits well to anyone on the move. It comes with a black and red design that matches full headphones that make the entire package adorable. It has some amazing features such as; 10-inch LCD screen, it is light, high resolution, and good sound quality. The screen can swivel and even tilt to up to 180 degrees making it convenient for you to position it the way you want. It comes with a lithium polymer battery that lasts for up to two hours.

4. Sylvania SDVD1048

Sylvania SDVD1048 is a convenient tool for entertaining kids, or for those adults spending more of their time away from home for instance in hotel rooms, and that’s why it makes our top four. Sylvania SDVD1048 is a portable DVD player with amazing features that include lithium-ion battery that can last for four hours, 800 x 480 screen resolution, 9-inch LCD screen that supports CD-R, DVD-R, JPEG, DVD, WMA, and MP3 content that make it suitable for top-notch entertainment.