How to Import Your Car from the US to the Netherlands

Importing a car from the US to the Netherlands is a step-by-step process. Below is a complete guideline on how to import a car to the Netherlands from the US.

Have you recently moved to the Netherlands and have to import your car from the US? Did you buy a car from the country or for some other reason? Regardless of why you need to import a vehicle, it is important to understand that transferring a foreign car to the Netherlands is not easy.

Take note that the requirements and process in transferring a car from the US to the Netherlands are different from a vehicle coming from an EU country. If the car comes from a non-EU country, the process is longer and more difficult compared to the latter. Likewise, it is more expensive.

Step 1: Obtain a Permit from the Customs Office

If you’re moving to the Netherlands from the USA, you need to register your car tax-free. To do so, you’ll need a permit from the customs office of the intended district of residence. You have to acquire the permit before arriving in the Netherlands.

Be warned that not all cars are exempted from registration tax (BPM). A car is classified as a removal good and exempted from registration tax and import duties as well. However, a car can be tax-exempt provided that the owner lived overseas for 12 months used the car for at least six months before arriving in the Netherlands. Therefore, newly-bought cars are not exempted from tax registration.

Step 2: Complete the Requirements Asked

Before importing a car to the Netherlands, be aware of the taxes and requirements. Here are the documents you will need for the move and to validate your claim.

  • A copy of passport or any proof of identity
  • A copy of car license registration from the USA (this is different from the manufacturer registration)
  • Proof of purchase of the vehicle
  • A proof of residence, a copy of the rental contract, or buying contract
  • A copy of Dutch employment contract if moved to the country because of work
  • Proof of previous employment if available
  • Proof of enrolment to the Netherlands because of study

Step 3: Seek RDW Approval for Import

After completing the requirements and BPM exemption, if applicable, the next step is to have your vehicle inspected and approved by the RDW. The RDW approval is proof that the car passed the vehicle standards and requirements by authorities in the Netherlands.

During the inspection, you’ll have to provide information about your car such as VIN. If you’re not aware of your car’s VIN, you can find your identification number through an online VIN checker.

If the car passed the inspection, you have to arrange a combined import-APK inspection. It is a mandatory process but not a prerequisite for Dutch license plate registration. Thus, you can get this certification after registration.

Step 4: Get a Dutch License Plate

Once the car passed the inspection with approved BPM and RDW, the last step is to get a Dutch license plate. Comply with the requirements asked by authorities to obtain a permanent license plate number. Take note that you can’t use the vehicle in the Netherlands without a driving license and a registered Dutch license plate.

Subwoofer: Do You Need One for Home Theater System?

Not many do understand how critical subwoofers are in the home theater system. And if you are one of many who think that subwoofers are just add-ons, you should continue reading this.

What is a subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a type of loudspeaker that focuses on reproducing the low-pitched audio frequencies, known as the bass and the sub-bass, and are amplified through a woofer.

And if you are still hesitant to buy a subwoofer, here are the top reasons why your home theater system needs a subwoofer:

Reason #1: Amplifies sounds and ‘feelings’ that aren’t heard or felt through surround system speakers.

Several speakers can’t amplify low audio frequencies below 50 Hz. There are audio productions that are at 20 Hz and below that majority of speakers can’t reach. For this reason, it deprives you of hearing the full depth and clarity of bass tones.

Subwoofers are designed to amplify low-pitched frequencies below human hearing, allowing you to hear and ‘feel’ sounds that aren’t amplified using the surround sound. The subtle low frequencies of moving cars or the low-frequency sound of an exploded bomb are accurately amplified through subwoofers.

Reason #2: You can turn the volume up without getting distortion

You can turn the volume up on subwoofers and get clean, effortless, and distortion-free audio compared to the woofers in the speaker, where it can’t keep up with tweeters and mid-drivers.

Reason #3: It seamlessly blends with the entire speaker system

Subwoofers do not overpower the speakers; instead, it becomes an extension of the entire speaker system. The seamless blending of speakers and subwoofer will let you hear clear highs, mids, and lows – every frequency spectrum.

Reason #4: Accurate with every low-pitched frequency spectrum

Every subwoofer can deliver every bass note exactly as the artist intends. Remember that low-pitched frequencies are critical to producing emotions, including tension, sadness, thrill, and more, whenever you watch a movie or listen to music.

Reason #5: It adds realistic cinematic sounds

Subwoofers are designed not only to amplify low-pitched frequency audio but also to add realistic cinematic sounds. For instance, to boost subtle sounds of a moving car, rumbling of ground due to earthquake, crashing of an ocean wave to the shore, and more, subwoofers are the only components to amplify sounds that make a movie, TV series, or any audio real.

Reason #6: Small subwoofer, a bigger boost of audio production

One of the biggest benefits of investing subwoofer is its ability to boost the audio production of the movie you are watching without the need to upsize the home theater speaker systems. Plus, it delivers unparalleled sound without taking too much space in your living or home theater room. At Home Cinema Effect, you will find a well-reviewed subwoofer that you can add to your home theater room.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of speakers that produce quality, richer sounds, but investing in a powered subwoofer can make a huge difference. Due to its loyalty to low-pitched frequency audio, you can hear and ‘feel’ the sound.

Best Electric Power Paint Rollers: What You Should Look For?

Are you wondering what to consider when buying an electric power paint roller? Check this to find out.

An electric power paint roller is a good option for DIYers and even for professionals, who need to finish their painting task at a specific time.

But what is an electric power paint roller?

The electric power paint roller is designed with a pump or motor that pushes the paint from a container or reservoir to the roller through a hollow tube. And from the tube, a generous amount of paint is pumped out into the roller without any spills or overcoating.

What to look for when choosing a power paint roller?

With several options to choose from, buying the right roller within a selection of the best power paint rollers is not an easy task. Plus, there are a few things to consider.

#1: Capacity

One of the best advantages of owning a power paint roller, in general, is that you do not need to stop painting too often to refill the paint tray or to re-dip the roller with paint. However, it is not much of an advantage if your paint roller can’t hold enough paint to supply the amount of painting job you have.

So, when choosing an electric paint roller, you should consider one with a larger capacity, especially when you are doing larger painting projects. However, if you are doing small painting projects, you may consider a roller with a small capacity.

#2: Suction system

You will find two kinds of electric power paint rollers;

  • An electric power paint roller with a simple reservoir system with an easy refillable system.
  • An electric power paint roller that uses a pump, directly attached to a bucket with paint or paint can.

Between the two rollers, one that uses a pump is more at an advantage. Electric power paint rollers with a pump will give you a continuous flow of paint, depending on the amount of paint you have in the bucket or paint can.

#3: Accessories and spare parts

Always look for an electric power paint roller with useful accessories that makes the painting job easier. Also, before reaching a final decision, you should check if the paint roller has spare parts readily available at the nearest store or online; a preparation in case one part of the roller got damaged.

#4: Low to no noise

All electric power paint rollers will make a sound when you are painting due to the motor; however, not all will produce loud and unnecessary noise. So, when selecting an electric power paint roller, choose one that guarantees low to no noise.

#5: Easy to use

Electric power paint rollers are convenient to use. However, some brands are designed with several unnecessary features. Thus, before reaching a decision, try to read about the model first and find out if it is easy to use.

Final Thoughts

When choosing an electric power paint roller, do not compromise quality over unnecessary features or quality over some rollers at a cheap price.

Different Types of Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are a major part of the modern households, often viewed as a valuable piece of family furniture. Adding one to our home can be a much greater comfort than one might think.

With so many options available in the super-market, we must take the time to research to make a truly informed purchase. So, let us go through the topic to learn more about the different types of the rocking chairs.

Outdoor Rocking Chair

Many people consider rocking chairs as indoor furniture items, but they are good outdoor furniture too. Finding the right one for our terrace is a great way to relax, especially if we have a beautiful view of our garden. Also, a simple addition of a rocking chair to our outside patio space can change it to a charming place to hang out.

Materials are very important when we think of fixing a rocking chair for outside use. Firstly, we need to ensure that it looks great and offers comfort while providing good durability in the outside weather. Please check here for a good outdoor hardwood eucalyptus rocking chair.

Traditional Rocking Chair

While picturing a rocking chair, we probably see a traditional rocking chair. Such varieties offer a simple design but look stylish and move smoothly. This type of rocking chair is usually quite affordable as they are usually wooden chairs, although the designs can be made from other materials.

Also, they have a very high level of workmanship and are very durable, because many people intend to use it as an heirloom. Antique rocking chairs always have a traditional design and they last for generations, without moving parts.

Gliding Rocking Chair

This type of rocking chair is very modern and newly designed for 21st Century people. Instead of traditional curved legs, this rocking chair uses a series of swivels and levels that create rocking movements along the flat plane of the chair’s bottom base.

This rocking movement requires far less space than a normal traditional bow chair.

The gliding rocking chair also tends to offer greater comfort because of the increased ergonomic of new-age design & elements that have been included while manufacturing. However, the prices of gliding rocking chairs are more expensive because of the advanced mechanism & costly materials that allow sliding motion. It makes the chair quite heavy too and they do not move easily. After we place the sliding rocking chair in one place of our home, moving it will be a serious project.

Spring Rocking Chair

Spring rocking chairs are a newer development in the furniture industry. They move like traditional rocking chairs by using a spring as opposed to curved feet to achieve this. These springs are covered in a protective box to keep our body parts and pets safe from becoming trapped inside.

Spring rockers are only for relaxing & can help us to reduce anxiety by swinging our mood. They are costlier than traditional rocking chairs but a little bit cheaper than glider type.

Hopefully, after going through the topic it will be easy for us to decide which type of rocking chair to purchase from the super-market.

Top 3 Lacing Techniques for Your Dress Shoes

Lacing your shoes the right way can improve your overall look which means that you’d need to give it much thought.

While it’s true that people won’t usually notice it unlike your tie knot or folded pocket square. However, when you really want to achieve an impressive look that everyone would never forget, you might want to take care of details — even the ones on your feet.

With that said, you’d need to ensure that your lacing style is suitable for your shoe design and eyelet pair numbers.

Fortunately, there are different ways that you can flaunt your dress shoes through these various lacing styles:

  • Criss Cross

This method is probably the easiest that you can apply to your dress shoes — and there’s a good chance that it came like this when you bought it.

It doesn’t matter if your laces are already worn out or you wish to switch to a different color, the criss-cross style is apparently a classic and a no-brainer design.

It’s highly recommended that you use this with an open lacing system — those kinds of dress shoes with tops made of two varying pieces of leather. Applying it on an open design type of shoes can make it easier for you to bring similar lace over the vamps and then back under.

Using this method on a closed lacing system can make bumps under the vamp which can be unpleasant to the feel of your feet.

  • Diagonal

Do you want to add a modern twist to your dress shoes but don’t want to exert too much effort and energy in doing so?

Well, the diagonal technique might be perfect for you — it’s a piece of cake!

You can even make your shoes appear like they’re twins by creating parallel lines in the same direction. Or maybe you can switch it up so it’ll look like they’re mirroring each other.

No matter which you choose, you can definitely add some visual interest to your feet.

Good news — you can do this lacing method on both close and open systems.

Tip: This technique might look better when your shoes have more eyelet pairs.

Doing this on a 4-pair eyelet or less would be useless!

  • Straight Bar

Some people say that this lacing method is boring, but wait until you try it yourself. This is another easy way to quirk up your overall look.

Like the diagonal design, you can also apply the straight bar technique on both open and close lacing system — which is the reason why it’s considered to be one of the most versatile methods.

It doesn’t matter how many eyelet pairs your shoes have; you can still make it a hit! It’ll look great on shoes with 3 to 6 eyelet pairs!

Are you looking for new dress shoes that you can apply these three different methods to? Read a well-researched review of Alpine Swiss dress shoes here — maybe that’ll be your new baby!

Top Royal Jelly Benefits that are Backed by Science

You may be wondering what is royal jelly and why is it taking the internet by storm? The royal jelly is a gelatinous substance, a milky secretion, which is produced by the honey bees and feed to their young and queen bee. It contains 60 – 70 percent of water, 12 – 15 percent of protein, 10 – 16 percent of sugar, 3 -6 percent of fats, and 2 – 3 percent of vitamins (including several types of vitamin B), amino acids, and salt. However, the composition of royal jelly may vary on climate and location where it inhabits.

Royal jelly has been used as traditional medicine for years and up to date, even if the application of this medication is still controversial. Some studies prove royal jelly is useful to health; here are the top royal jelly benefits that are also backed by science:

 #1: Relieves menopausal symptoms

Several studies have proven that taking a particular supplement that contains royal jelly can help mitigate some of the menopausal symptoms including backache, low back pain, anxiety, headache, fatigue, and more.

Taking royal jelly orally for 3 months helps increase good cholesterol (HDL or high-density lipoprotein) and helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL or low-density lipoprotein) during postmenopausal. Meanwhile, taking supplements that contains royal jelly and flower pollen for 12 months can help reduce symptoms of menopause, as well as, help improve the health and well-being of women experiencing menopause.

#2: Supports the health of the gastrointestinal tract

According to the experts, the jelly royal is a good source of bifidobacteria – bacteria that support the health of the GI tract – and is considered as a probiotic. There are also clinical studies that prove royal jelly contains anti-carcinogen properties that keep the GI healthy and far from getting GI diseases, specifically GI cancer.

#3: Helps increase Red Blood Cells

A 2012 published study had concluded that royal jelly can help increase Red Blood Cells; having healthy volunteers, ages 42 and 83, the researchers found out that volunteers of the different age group who have ingested 3,000 mg of royal jelly per day for 6 months have shown improvement of RBC count than those volunteers that were given with placebo.

#4: Can help heal wounds

Everyone knows that honey contains anti-bacterial properties, as well as, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory capacities, which makes it good for wound healing. A 2010 published study has also proven that applying royal jelly to wound can help accelerate wound healing.

According to the study, the royal jelly enhances the movement of the fibroblasts (a connective tissue that generates fibers and collagen), as well as, it helps alter the levels of varied lipids that are involved in wound-healing.

If you continue reading this, you’ll discover top royal jelly that you should consider purchasing. Here are other benefits that royal jellies have, but needs further studies:

  • Helps in improving the strength of the elderlies, including handgrip and the ability to stand and walk.
  • Helps improve memory and cognitive issues due to aging.
  • Helps prevent kidney problems.
  • Helps improve fertility.
  • Helps in losing weight.
  • Help boosts the immune system.

To get additional details about royal jelly, try to visit the Younger Skin Guide’s website.

Tips on How to Choose the Perfect CC Cream for Your Mature Skin

CC cream or color-correcting cream is now taking its place at a growing community of face creams. It is considered as the big sister of BB cream; it has a wider coverage, it hydrates the facial skin, it covers or diminishes the redness and sallowness of the skin, and it contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties.

If you are currently planning to purchase CC cream but confused which one to choose within myriads of CC cream brands available, you may find the perfect cc cream for mature skin through the following useful tips:

Tip #1: Choose the right shade of CC cream

Just like foundations, CC cream comes in different shades. Mostly, CC creams are only available in three shades – fair to light, light to medium, and medium to deep. Under that category, you’ll find generous numbers of shades.

To find out which shade you should use, check out on few brands with free samples (usually offered in beauty boutiques) and test it near your jawline. Check if the shade matches your skin tone; the shade of the cream should look natural with your skin color and not like a mask.

Tip #2: Choose the right CC cream for your skin type

You can’t just choose any cc cream that you find in the boutique; you have to match it with your skin tone and your skin type. There are CC creams that are specific with which skin type it is used for – dry skin, oily skin, and or sensitive skin – which is mostly shown in their packaging. However, if it isn’t shown in the packaging, you may consider the following:

  • Choose a cc cream with moisturizing effect (it may contain hyaluronic acid) if you have dry skin.
  • Choose a cc cream with a matte finish if you have oily skin.
  • Choose a cc cream with fragrance-free and non-comedogenic substances if you have sensitive skin.

Tip #3: Choose CC cream that solves the specific facial skin issues

CC creams come in different formulation. Aside from varieties of shades and for the specific skin type, CC creams come in a different formulation, targeting specific facial skin issues to correct. For instance, there are cc creams that target to reduce facial skin redness or sallowness, some are formulated to minimize pores and clear up acne, and some are made to lighten the age spots.

Tip #4: Choose the right tint or thickness of CC cream

How much coverage do you need to correct that skin pigmentation? When choosing the perfect cc cream, you have to determine if you need a thicker coverage or a lighter one. Do you need a more tinted cream to cover the spots or a lighter tinted cc cream can solve it for you?

You may also start reading the product’s specifications to find out if it is the right cc cream for you.

Was this helpful?

If you need additional tips on cc creams and other makeup tips, try to visit Younger Skin Guide’s website – a reliable and honest review site for skincare products.

The Best Simple and Accurate Digital Tire Gauge

Some car owners are not fond of fancy digital tire gauges. Though the extra accessories can be beneficial at some point, it is useless most of the time. Thus, if you are the type of person who is searching for a simple but accurate digital tire gauge, one of the best options for is Accutire.


Accutire Digital Tire Gauge Specs

Accutire is a well-known brand of automobile tools like tire gauges. It also received praise from many buyers across the globe. You’ll see some of these customer feedbacks and reviews at online market platforms like Amazon. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can rely on Accutire digital tire gauge.

What’s so Special About this Device?

Now, you are probably wondering why this digital tire gauge is so popular. Here is a short review of the item’s technical details to help you understand more about it.

  1. Simple Design

One unique feature of Accutire MS-4021B is the simple design it has. It is not fancy and has zero extra accessories. Accutire purposely manufactured this digital tire gauge to appear simple but functional.

For those who prefer tire gauges with built-in tools, you might not enjoy this option.

  1. Easy to Operate

Some digital tire gauges have complicated buttons, making it difficult for older vehicle owners to set the device.

The Accutire MS-4021B is guaranteed user-friendly. There are no complicated controls or buttons you have to memorize. Once you attach the device on the tire valve, it’ll immediately read the pressure.

  1. Incredibly Tough

If you are searching for a tough digital tire gauge, you can bet on MS-4021B. It does not easy gets damaged even when dropped or knocked off. The exterior casing of the device is made of premium materials, which makes it resistant to impact and tear.

  1. Impressive Measuring Range

The MS-4021B has a measuring range of 5 to 150 PSI. Hence, you can use this digital tire gauge to check small vehicles, small trucks, and SUVs. If you own one or two of these automobiles, having MS-4021B will be of great help.

  1. Accuracy

One of the most important factors you have to consider when searching for a digital tire gauge to buy is the item’s accuracy. Some tire gauges are unable to provide even near accurate readings. And, this could be harmful to the vehicle, and even to you.

Always remember that your car’s tire must contain the right amount of pressure. Too much and too little pressure can damage the car engine. In worst-case scenarios, it can lead to vehicular accidents.

The good thing with Accutire is that they assure their devices are accurate. The MS-4021B is not an exception. This device features a high level of accuracy. According to reviews, it has an accuracy of 0.05PSI, which is higher than most digital tire gauges in the market.

What are your thoughts about Accutire MS-4021B? Will you try out this item?

For additional info regarding this device, you can go to reliable online sources like the My Automotive Zone. Right here, you’ll see reviews, as well as tips on how to find the best tire gauges in stores.

What is the Average Lifespan of Dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers have become a standard home comfort appliance other than AC units. Today, you’ll often see modern houses have dehumidifiers installed in their bedrooms, bathroom, and even basement. Likewise, industrial and commercial establishments use large units of dehumidifiers.


What is the Primary Function of a Dehumidifier? 

If you don’t have such a unit at home, here is a short intro about this appliance.

A dehumidifier is an electrical home appliance that reduces the level of humidity in the air. It normalizes the moisture level inside a living space, usually for health and comfort reasons. In the case of industrial use, dehumidifiers help in eliminating dust, musty odor, and prevent the growth of mold.

What is the Average Lifespan of a Dehumidifier?

A good quality dehumidifier unit typically lasts up to nine to eleven years. Its lifespan is similar to AC units. But some units have a lesser lifespan, especially if they’re cheap. If want to buy this appliance, it is good to know dehumidifier’s lifespan first.

Unfortunately, some dehumidifiers are early damaged. It is all because of poor maintenance, or the lack of it. Moreover, misuse also reduces the lifespan of the unit. Consequently, if you want to buy a dehumidifier, make sure you take good care of it and perform correct maintenance.

How to Make it Last? 

Yes, it is easy to replace a damaged and malfunctioning dehumidifier. However, you must take note that a high-quality home appliance like this is nothing cheap. Additionally, having it repaired with the help of a professional is also expensive. If you want to save money from the repairs or avoid buying a new dehumidifier, here is a little advice to make your unit last.

  1. Regular Clean-up 

Schedule a periodical cleaning of your dehumidifier. If you notice the unit is not working well enough, chances are there’s dust buildup on the appliance.

Remove all the dirt on your dehumidifier by wiping it or using a brush. And while you are cleaning the unit, check the appliance for any damages. In this manner, you can avoid small damage from getting worse.

  1. Replace Dirty Filters

Dehumidifiers have filters that trap all kinds of dirt from going back into the air. It also removes allergens and harmful airborne particles that are a threat to health. With time, filters get dirty, and dirt is stuck on it. It is why manufacturers give instructions on when to replace the filter. It is to assure that the unit runs efficiently.

Use the manufacturer’s instruction as to when to replace your dehumidifier’s filter. You can buy a replacement filter at stores.

  1. Check the Humidistat

Always monitor the humidistat of your unit. If it is too high for the weather, then adjust the device to prevent the dehumidifier from damage, and of course, expensive energy bills.

Ideally, a dehumidifier should be set to 30-50 percent humidity during warm weather. And, it must be set at 30-40 percent in winter, if there’s a heater running.

Is this helpful? 

If you want to find out additional details regarding dehumidifiers, ask help from a reliable source like the Fresh and Breezy. Also, check out this source to see reviews of the top-seller home comfort appliances.

Is OXA Smart Immersion Blender a Fantastic Choice?

Have you thought of buying an immersion blender?

You probably did since you’re here. But you have to remember that immersion blenders are unlike the regular blenders you often see in most kitchens. Immersion blenders are smaller. Thus, it can only prepare one to two batches of food. And despite its small size, this type of blender is quite powerful. It can crush tough ingredients, including ice, frozen fruits, and hard vegetables.

Immersion blenders become more popular these days. Unfortunately, the rising demand for this blender means the increase in the number of immersion blender brands. These numerous choices make it harder and confusing to find the right choice.

What’s the Best Immersion Blender?

Looking for the best immersion blender is not difficult if you know your preferences and needs. For example, do you need an immersion blender with a larger mixing tank or not? Or else, do you prefer one with variable speed control and high-powered motor?

You also have to determine your purpose of buying an immersion blender. If you need for personal and home use, there are immersion blenders for that specific function. On the other hand, some version of this blender is made for commercial uses.

One of the popular immersion blenders today is OXA Smart Immersion Blender. It received excellent feedback from buyers and great reviews from many online sources. But the question is this; why OXA Smart Immersion Blender is a fantastic choice?

Looking into OXA Smart Immersion Blender

OXA Smart is an advanced immersion blender. It is unlike regular versions of this kitchen appliance. It is an impressively versatile and powerful tool. Aside from this, OXA Smart has many to offer. Here are the features of this kitchen appliance that you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Powerful Blender

This blender has a power of 800W. Such power can crush any ingredients, and blend thick, and viscous food. Moreover, you can rely on this product to help you whip up different types of food and beverages. The powerful motor of this blender allows you to prepare smoothies, shakes, dressings, sauces, soup, hummus, and a whole lot more.

  1. Variable Speed

The OXA Smart has a 12-speed control and a turbo. The various speed options help you to achieve the perfect food texture. Meanwhile, the pulse supports you in crushing tough ingredients without damaging the appliance.

  1. Easy Installation and Disassembly

This product is one of the leading immersion blenders that features 360 degrees installation and disassembly rotary core design. This technology allows you to attach all the parts securely. Hence, you won’t worry about the blender from falling off when using high-speed rotation.

  1. Anti-Splash Feature

The blades of OXA Smart are partially covered by a bell-shaped housing. This feature prevents the food from splattering all over your kitchen counter while at work.

  1. BPA-Free

You can guarantee that OXA Smart is a healthy blender. It contains zero BPA, which is harmful to the body. Moreover, it has no content that can pose a threat to health.

What do you think of OXA Smart Immersion Blender? Would you like to try out this option?

If you want to find out additional details regarding this blender, go to Prime Shop Kitchen.