Best Electric Power Paint Rollers: What You Should Look For?

Are you wondering what to consider when buying an electric power paint roller? Check this to find out.

An electric power paint roller is a good option for DIYers and even for professionals, who need to finish their painting task at a specific time.

But what is an electric power paint roller?

The electric power paint roller is designed with a pump or motor that pushes the paint from a container or reservoir to the roller through a hollow tube. And from the tube, a generous amount of paint is pumped out into the roller without any spills or overcoating.

What to look for when choosing a power paint roller?

With several options to choose from, buying the right roller within a selection of the best power paint rollers is not an easy task. Plus, there are a few things to consider.

#1: Capacity

One of the best advantages of owning a power paint roller, in general, is that you do not need to stop painting too often to refill the paint tray or to re-dip the roller with paint. However, it is not much of an advantage if your paint roller can’t hold enough paint to supply the amount of painting job you have.

So, when choosing an electric paint roller, you should consider one with a larger capacity, especially when you are doing larger painting projects. However, if you are doing small painting projects, you may consider a roller with a small capacity.

#2: Suction system

You will find two kinds of electric power paint rollers;

  • An electric power paint roller with a simple reservoir system with an easy refillable system.
  • An electric power paint roller that uses a pump, directly attached to a bucket with paint or paint can.

Between the two rollers, one that uses a pump is more at an advantage. Electric power paint rollers with a pump will give you a continuous flow of paint, depending on the amount of paint you have in the bucket or paint can.

#3: Accessories and spare parts

Always look for an electric power paint roller with useful accessories that makes the painting job easier. Also, before reaching a final decision, you should check if the paint roller has spare parts readily available at the nearest store or online; a preparation in case one part of the roller got damaged.

#4: Low to no noise

All electric power paint rollers will make a sound when you are painting due to the motor; however, not all will produce loud and unnecessary noise. So, when selecting an electric power paint roller, choose one that guarantees low to no noise.

#5: Easy to use

Electric power paint rollers are convenient to use. However, some brands are designed with several unnecessary features. Thus, before reaching a decision, try to read about the model first and find out if it is easy to use.

Final Thoughts

When choosing an electric power paint roller, do not compromise quality over unnecessary features or quality over some rollers at a cheap price.