Different Types of Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are a major part of the modern households, often viewed as a valuable piece of family furniture. Adding one to our home can be a much greater comfort than one might think.

With so many options available in the super-market, we must take the time to research to make a truly informed purchase. So, let us go through the topic to learn more about the different types of the rocking chairs.

Outdoor Rocking Chair

Many people consider rocking chairs as indoor furniture items, but they are good outdoor furniture too. Finding the right one for our terrace is a great way to relax, especially if we have a beautiful view of our garden. Also, a simple addition of a rocking chair to our outside patio space can change it to a charming place to hang out.

Materials are very important when we think of fixing a rocking chair for outside use. Firstly, we need to ensure that it looks great and offers comfort while providing good durability in the outside weather. Please check here for a good outdoor hardwood eucalyptus rocking chair.

Traditional Rocking Chair

While picturing a rocking chair, we probably see a traditional rocking chair. Such varieties offer a simple design but look stylish and move smoothly. This type of rocking chair is usually quite affordable as they are usually wooden chairs, although the designs can be made from other materials.

Also, they have a very high level of workmanship and are very durable, because many people intend to use it as an heirloom. Antique rocking chairs always have a traditional design and they last for generations, without moving parts.

Gliding Rocking Chair

This type of rocking chair is very modern and newly designed for 21st Century people. Instead of traditional curved legs, this rocking chair uses a series of swivels and levels that create rocking movements along the flat plane of the chair’s bottom base.

This rocking movement requires far less space than a normal traditional bow chair.

The gliding rocking chair also tends to offer greater comfort because of the increased ergonomic of new-age design & elements that have been included while manufacturing. However, the prices of gliding rocking chairs are more expensive because of the advanced mechanism & costly materials that allow sliding motion. It makes the chair quite heavy too and they do not move easily. After we place the sliding rocking chair in one place of our home, moving it will be a serious project.

Spring Rocking Chair

Spring rocking chairs are a newer development in the furniture industry. They move like traditional rocking chairs by using a spring as opposed to curved feet to achieve this. These springs are covered in a protective box to keep our body parts and pets safe from becoming trapped inside.

Spring rockers are only for relaxing & can help us to reduce anxiety by swinging our mood. They are costlier than traditional rocking chairs but a little bit cheaper than glider type.

Hopefully, after going through the topic it will be easy for us to decide which type of rocking chair to purchase from the super-market.