Top Royal Jelly Benefits that are Backed by Science

You may be wondering what is royal jelly and why is it taking the internet by storm? The royal jelly is a gelatinous substance, a milky secretion, which is produced by the honey bees and feed to their young and queen bee. It contains 60 – 70 percent of water, 12 – 15 percent of protein, 10 – 16 percent of sugar, 3 -6 percent of fats, and 2 – 3 percent of vitamins (including several types of vitamin B), amino acids, and salt. However, the composition of royal jelly may vary on climate and location where it inhabits.

Royal jelly has been used as traditional medicine for years and up to date, even if the application of this medication is still controversial. Some studies prove royal jelly is useful to health; here are the top royal jelly benefits that are also backed by science:

 #1: Relieves menopausal symptoms

Several studies have proven that taking a particular supplement that contains royal jelly can help mitigate some of the menopausal symptoms including backache, low back pain, anxiety, headache, fatigue, and more.

Taking royal jelly orally for 3 months helps increase good cholesterol (HDL or high-density lipoprotein) and helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL or low-density lipoprotein) during postmenopausal. Meanwhile, taking supplements that contains royal jelly and flower pollen for 12 months can help reduce symptoms of menopause, as well as, help improve the health and well-being of women experiencing menopause.

#2: Supports the health of the gastrointestinal tract

According to the experts, the jelly royal is a good source of bifidobacteria – bacteria that support the health of the GI tract – and is considered as a probiotic. There are also clinical studies that prove royal jelly contains anti-carcinogen properties that keep the GI healthy and far from getting GI diseases, specifically GI cancer.

#3: Helps increase Red Blood Cells

A 2012 published study had concluded that royal jelly can help increase Red Blood Cells; having healthy volunteers, ages 42 and 83, the researchers found out that volunteers of the different age group who have ingested 3,000 mg of royal jelly per day for 6 months have shown improvement of RBC count than those volunteers that were given with placebo.

#4: Can help heal wounds

Everyone knows that honey contains anti-bacterial properties, as well as, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory capacities, which makes it good for wound healing. A 2010 published study has also proven that applying royal jelly to wound can help accelerate wound healing.

According to the study, the royal jelly enhances the movement of the fibroblasts (a connective tissue that generates fibers and collagen), as well as, it helps alter the levels of varied lipids that are involved in wound-healing.

If you continue reading this, you’ll discover top royal jelly that you should consider purchasing. Here are other benefits that royal jellies have, but needs further studies:

  • Helps in improving the strength of the elderlies, including handgrip and the ability to stand and walk.
  • Helps improve memory and cognitive issues due to aging.
  • Helps prevent kidney problems.
  • Helps improve fertility.
  • Helps in losing weight.
  • Help boosts the immune system.

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