Five Trendy Housewarming Gifts this 2019

So, you are invited to a housewarming party. But there’s a problem that is bothering you; it is your first housewarming event and has no idea which gift to buy for the hosts.

Take note that every housewarming party is special. Indeed, it is an achievement for the celebrant. As a guest and a friend of the person, it is appropriate that you also join the fun. And, you can make the person happier with a gift in hand.

Handpicking a gift, regardless of the event, is a difficult task. It is a fact that anyone would agree. Given the countless options in the market, choosing one gift is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Then, how can you assure that you’re picking the right housewarming gift?

Consult the Personalized By Kate.

The Personalized By Kate is an online gift store that customizes gift items. You can purchase from their collections, and have it customized to make it more special. Moreover, buying a gift at this store is much easier. Everything is categorized based on occasions such as birthdays, wedding, baby christening, mother’s day, father’s day, and housewarming party. If you want to check out samples of their items, go to

This online gift store is always in the know when it comes to popular gifts. So, if you can’t decide which housewarming gift item to buy, see these five trendy gifts this 2019.

#1 Personalized Coasters

At Personalized by Kate, you can make a simple coaster into a stunning and thoughtful gift. Their custom coasters are one of the top-selling housewarming gift items. It is sought after by customers due to its amazing designs and quality.

#2 Personalized Cutting Boards

Is cooking one of the celebrant’s hobbies?

A personalized cutting board is a classic and timeless housewarming gift. A person who has a passion for cooking will appreciate a stylish cutting board. Moreover, it also doubles as kitchen décor. You can have the item customized by asking the store to print the house owner’s name and your personal message.

#3 Personalized Cross

If the person celebrating his new home is a Christian, the best gift you can present is a personalized engraved cross. For sure, that person would love and treasure your gift. It does not only represents the faith of the person, but you imparted a memory with him.

#4 Personalized Slate Designs

A home must have a slate on the front door or inside the house. Aside from being a gorgeous décor, it also works as a simple reminder of the home and the people living inside it.

The Personalized By Kate has many custom slate signs. Check out samples of it at their website.

#5 Personalized Hangers

If it is a family celebrating their new home, this custom hanger by Personalized By Kate sure is a unique gift.

These wooden hangers come with an intricate design. You can have each member of the family’s name engraved on the hanger.

Which among these gift items speaks to you?

To find out more options and guidelines in handpicking the best housewarming gift, visit the Personalized By Kate official website. And don’t hesitate to ask their team if you have questions.