How Suunto Zoop Novo Become a Famous Diving Device?

The Suunto brand is now recognized as one of the innovative dive computers. And its Zoop Novo is the entry-level product that outranks their fellow competitors.  It is the most suggested product especially for recreational divers as it is suitable for newbie and for those who want to upgrade their dive computer someday.

The Zoop Novo is a very durable option to familiarize yourself with the Suunto line which makes your future upgrade naturally easy.

Here we listed its KEY FEATURES:

The Logbook Memory and Bookmarks

Compare to the original Zoop and model, this Zoop Novo has an enjoyable 140 hours of logbook memory. Also, it has logbook bookmarks – this actually enhanced the memory allowing you to maximize your diving activities.

Long-lasting Design

This model is built to last. Although the big display with backlit, acrylic protected and made of composite material is too big to wear a a watch. However, the rugged design and well-spaced buttons are ideal for new divers to learn. Moreover, it allows the user to use it for years.

Has Personalize Settings

Using the Suunto Zoop Novo may allow you to monitor your diving activities. You may adjust the altitude settings and another element to make your dive safe as you wanted it.

What Do People like it?

It has great essential features especially the four button interface that saves time compared to single button dive computers. And it is easy to use, to navigate and the relevant data is quite accessible as well as the customizable alarm. The clear display really helps and people suggest that it has a compass it would be great additions.

The bookmarking also helps to save the current time, monitoring the depth and temperature which is a great feature to those that want to perform analysis of the activities. When it comes to price it is very reasonable.

Why People don’t like it?

Though it has a great feature, however, we have some complaint with the product. It has a no-fly icon display. If you are on active vacation – an individual who uses it may not always remember to check the Zoop Novo in case the altitude changes. The big display makes it a little heavy to wear for long periods and too big for a watch. Some suggest that it would be nice to have an icon reminder even when it isn’t activated the device.

The device is perfectly designed for new divers to offer them conveniently without having to learn a complex interface. Also, they don’t have to spend a lot of money or spend a long time using the manual just to learn the advanced features and options they do not need. It is developing to keep the new divers’ diving easy, safe and simple as well as to maximize their enjoyment and less focus on the device.

Take note, this device is not for more advanced and technical divers who are seeking air integration or gas switching capacity. If you are looking for a more advanced device we recommend searching for more Suunto products that are suitable for you.