What You Need to Look for When Selecting Recliner Chairs

A recliner chair is meant to help the old who are not able to move flexibly their different parts of the body. A low quality recliner can cause aggravating of health issues, can pose a safety risk and still cause discomfort to an elderly person. With all this in mind you need to be very cautious with the type of recliner chair to purchase.

The expectations you need

Easy to use

An electric recliner is easy to use than a manual one. They operate in a smooth way and operate easily for an electric one. Instead of a manual lever, motors are fitted well in an electric recliner then you can use the buttons to operate. A button that you can just press to control the whole machine is easy to use. Avoid those machines that can frustrate you when you are trying to operate it.

The quality and safety

Safety is always the first look out when it comes to selecting your recliner. Check if the material well and the structure of it if they are of good quality. You will not like the outcome of a backrest breaking when someone is leaning on it.

You may get referrals from other customers who may help in to recommend a good chair for you. If clients keep replacing the recliner after a few months, it would be better to avoid that type. A good chair should be able to last long.

Functionality of the riser

A riser cleaner helps the old people to stand up without any assistance. This chair has a special motor that can recline your chair in a forward or backward position. You can easily get up while in a raised position. It has one button that can raise the chair and still bring it to the normal position as before.

Vibrating and heat massage

These are the most interesting features you can get in a massage chair. With an eight point system that targets your whole body it is really recommended to give you the comfort you need. When it is on, it eliminates pains in the body and still improves the circulation of blood. It makes a difference in you by helping to dull the pain and relaxes the body.

The right size for you

Check out for the specifications given to know more about the dimensions and size. Make sure to check the backrest height, armrest height, the width of the sit and depth of the seat. For the backrest you need a comfortable position where you can lean back well. Make sure to check well the dimension of your chair when fully positioned.

Maintenance and cleaning

The leather like covers are easy to clean and can also last long to serve you better. You can easily wipe out any wet areas, spots and stains real quick and easy. You only need a damp cloth and detergent to clean your chair well. Some will need more time and work for you to clean well.


You need to watch out carefully before selecting any of the chairs. A good reclined chair should be comfortable and easy to use to avoid endless frustrations. It should be firm in supporting you, give you safe operation that anyone can simply use.