Switching to Reusable Cloth Pads

If you have been using disposal pads during your menstrual cycle, here is the good news for you that you need to change to a new way. The reusable pads cloth is just necessary of you need something that works out in a healthy way, saving you some amount of money and still can boost yourself during that moment of fluid flow.

Why do you need a reusable cloth during your menstruation?

The best for your body

These types of pads are products free from chemical gels, artificial fragrances, adhesives and plastics. These are things that you never want flowing in to your blood stream for any reason. They cause irritation to the most sensitive part of the body. It is best if you can avoid ingredients from the synthetic by choosing to use the reusable cloth pads.

Switching to the reusable cloth pad is a positive moment for you. If you come from a background where money is scarce, once you buy them you forget going back to the market for a long period. The embarrassment of you having a menstrual period without the pads is permanently forgotten. You can now go through your menstrual period without worries.

Reduces your environmental impact

In your life time, you will use a lot of disposal pads which are released to the environment after use. This is harmful to our surrounding and a huge waste. A pad cloth can last for years without the necessity of disposing it. Get the best brand which is made from natural fiber and is nylon and plastic free.

Best for your budget control

Once you purchase them, the need to keep going to the shop to get others is stopped. Once you build the full set, you are sure of having a reliable menstrual protection. They are more economical comparing them to the cost of disposable pads over your lifetime.

Questions which are normally asked

How many cloth pads will I use?

This will depend on your cycle and if it is a heavy flow. You can even decide to start with a few as you master your period length. The more days you have the cycle and then you can add more. They are the best considering the disposal pads which you buy, use and dispose.

How can you wash your reusable pad?

You can choose to wash n using the dry method or soaking method. For dry method you keep your used pads in the zippered wet bag. At the end of the period, fill your bucket with cold water. Soak them for thirty minutes, add a presoak cleaner that reduces staining. You can now drain the water and put them in the washing machine.

You can also use the soaking method whereby you soak your pads directly before washing. Add your presoak cleaner and you daily keep changing the water. This helps you from keeping your bucket free from bad smell and mildew.


Reusable pads are the best when it comes to saving your budget and keeping our environment free from disposal pads. They are now becoming popular in our daily lives where most women prefer buying reusable pads once and for all. Once you start using them, you will feel the benefits of non-disposal cloth pad.