What are Hair Removal Creams?

The use of hair removal creams has now become a common feature to both men and women. It is important for you to understand how the creams work and what they are comprised of if you want to achieve the desired results. You are probably aware that the very strong odor that these creams have is as a result of some chemicals used in the making of the cream. You should therefore have critical look at the ingredients of a particular cream before you purchase it. Make sure that the hair removal cream does not have ingredients that can react negatively on your skin. It is important to note that there are some hair removal cream that are manufactured of specific skin types. You will be required to do some research before choosing the best pubic hair removal cream.

Hair removal creams also referred to as depilatories, are made of alkaline chemicals and other natural ingredients. This includes sodium thioglycolate, strontium sulfide and calcium thioglycolate. The calcium thioglycolate acts as a keratin breaker on the skin. It also weakens the hair therefore making it quite easy to remove. The creams also have calcium hydroxide that helps the thioglycolic acids to have a reaction with the proteins in the hair.

It is advisable to avoid leaving the cream on your skin for a long period because the ingredients that are used in making it can react badly on it. This is commonly noticed by irritations that causes discomfort. Most of the hair removal cream are manufactured and meant to be used on the legs and hands. You are therefore required not to use such creams on your face because of the high sensitivity the skin has. You should look for a facial removal cream if you want to get rid of your facial hair.

Hair removal creams work by penetrating the skin. Presences of things that block the hair pores make the cream ineffective. Petroleum jelly, dirt or even oils used on the skin are the most common factors that block the penetration of hair removal creams. You should cleanse the target area with warm water and dry it before using it. Extreme caution is important especially when using the cream in areas around the eyes, nose and mouth. Ingestion of these chemicals can cause a lot of health risks to your body.

It is advisable to be very careful when using hair creams at home because of their chemical constituents.  There is a thin line between a successful hair removal procedure and serious health hazards.  A slight mistake during the procedure may get you hospitalized or even worse. These creams should also be kept out of reach of children and pets. They may accidentally ingest the cream when no one is around. How you store your cream is also very important. Avoid storing them in places with direct sunlight or very high temperatures as this may reduce their effectiveness. You definitely do not want to incur the cost of going to hospital because of wrong usage of a product that was meant to make you look good.