Reviews Of The Best Robotic Kits For Kids

Robotic Kits for kids provide an excellent way to help kids develop a love for science and technology. These kits are an incredible way to introduce children to the world of Artificial Super Intelligence, which is the next big thing. They boost creativity, turning little ones into creators and inventors rather than becoming mere passive purveyors of technology. A wide range of children’s robotic kits on the market today allow kids to develop a dynamic mindset, and nourish their thoughts as well as imagination to better our world. Although there are plenty of robotic kit reviews of the best robotic kits for kids on the market today, this one is slightly different as it looks only at the top 3 kits in the world.

1. The Sphero 2.0 Kids’ Robotic Kit

The Sphero 2.0 robotic kit comes only three years after the launch of Sphero 1.0 by the manufacturer. The 2nd version of the popular little ball has entered the market with cooler features, including more sophisticated LED lights as well as interactive functions. It pairs with Android as well as iOS gadgets via Bluetooth, enabling users to control and program their robot to carry out some truly amazing tasks. The macrolon shell that covers it not only improves the impact resistance, but it also protects the robot from damages which may result from high falls. Besides being an excellent technology kit for kids, the Sphero 2.0 is also an amazing education tool for kids.

2. The MiP Kids’ Robot Kit

MiP is one of the top 3 robotic kits for kids worldwide. It is a really special Artificial Super Intelligence toy that is packed with a lot of technology. For instance, it communicates through LED eyes, sound and motion, showcasing a responsive personality that is really inquisitive. The robot can also navigate its surroundings with the help of self-balancing dual wheels. What’s more, it is intelligent enough to follow hand gestures as well as objects displayed to its LED eyes. This one is an incredible choice if you are looking for a kids’ robot kit with updated features and an exciting personality without breaking the bank.

3. The Ollie Kids’ Robot Kit

Manufactured by the same company as Sphero, the Ollie robot kit for kids possesses a lot more capabilities than its sister kit. For instance, it can move faster as well as better adjust to more different terrains than Sphero can. Furthermore, users can command their robot to run, jump, flip, spin and drift using their Smartphone via Bluetooth. Also, it comes with amazing LED lights that will change color during a run to communicate to the controller.

One thing that makes users prefer this robotic kit to others is that it allows for more customization. The kit can be customized with all kinds of relevant accessories to perform even more sophisticated functions. The only downside to Ollie is that it takes rather long time before you can perfectly control it.


Besides these, there are many other cool robot kits for kids that can equally transform your kid from an ordinary child to a creative and technologically inclined young person. However, Ollie, Sphero 2.0 and MiP are currently the best kits on the market so far.